How to Play Free Bet Blackjack & Get the Sign-up Bonus?

free bet blackjack

You can pick up the rules of “Free Bet Blackjack” and be playing in less than ten minutes. In case you don’t know the basics of blackjack yet, this crash course will educate you on the ropes so you can maximize your gaming experience.

Gamble Without Risk You can double your bet or divide a pair of wagers at no extra cost after making your initial wager in blackjack. This is just one of many parallels between blackjack and the original card game from which it takes its name. The game has been field-tested and approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, but at the moment, it is only available at the Golden Nugget in the middle of Las Vegas.

Although Geoff Hall was the game’s inventor, Shuffle Entertainment was the company responsible for its distribution. You may likely expect to hear it played at clubs all throughout the country soon (based on the excellent results at the Nugget).

A number of rule changes have already been implemented, including the removal of the early surrender option; nevertheless, players need not be concerned, as the house’s advantage has been cut to below.

When the house edge is 3-2 on blackjack, a 7% rake is taken from each hand.

How to Get in on the Free Bet Blackjack and Win

Gamble Without Risk Blackjack is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards, often an English deck, and does not feature any wild cards or jokers. Typical blackjack regulations apply, including wagering minimums and maximums, and the standard blackjack payoff of 3-2 when employing a six-deck shoe. The Golden Nugget, on the other hand, features games at single-deck tables, where blackjack pays only 6-5. The games here are the same as those found in the H20 Pool area, where the dealers wear bikinis.

Free Bet Blackjack Rules and Regulations

  • The dealer always allows a free double-down wager on hard 9-10-11 hands.
  • Every pair can be split in half for free, with the exception of the tens and fours.
  • Free re-splitting of aces and up to three more cards (depending on the card)
  • You are entitled to a free double-down after the split.
  • A standard double on any two cards is still in effect, even after the deck has been split in half at no additional cost.

So, the query is, what does it mean to be free? If your initial two cards add up to a hard total of 9, 10, or 11, you may double down on the house’s money. To be honest, I had the same thought. Your usual wager will get you a hand, and if you get a 9 or 10, doubling down will result in the casino matching your bet. They’ll check it against a dedicated button, and if you win, you’ll get back the same amount you bet. Which means you are no longer at risk monetarily!

After a split, even a free one, you can double down with your own money on any other hand you like. It doesn’t matter if the severance was paid for or not; you still have this option (such as doubling down on soft hands).

In Free Bet Blackjack, doubling down on any hand other than 9, 10, and 11 is still an option, as is splitting fours (maybe against a five or six) and tens (are you really sure about that?). In Free Bet Blackjack, the regular rules of blackjack are not changed in any way. if you’d like, but the funds needed to cover the wager won’t be added to your account.

When you split a pair, you also have the option of making this risk-free wager (with the exception of 10s and 4s). If you don’t feel confident in your hand, you can resplit it for free once more. The greatest number of hands you can play with is thus four. Then, after the split is on the house, you can double down for free.

We must now inquire, What Conditions Apply to the Free Bet Blackjack

You’re right, Virginia; there is a catch to those ‘free’ things that cost money. In blackjack switch, as in standard blackjack, any dealer hand totaling 22 results in a push, and no player wins. The house edge in a game with a 6-deck shoe is still quite low, so you shouldn’t let the fact that this rule is a reasonable trade-off deter you.

free bet blackjack

Free bet Blackjack rules and strategy

The most notable change is doubling down (for no extra cost) on a 9, 10, or l1 against any up-card held by the dealer. You should also split (for no extra cost) on any pair other than fours (when playing against a five or six as the up card only), double (for free) on any five, and double (for free) on any ten (when you should not split).

To maximize your chances of winning, you should only double down on soft hands of 16, 17, or 18 if the dealer’s up card is a 6. Alternatively, if you are dealt a soft 16 through soft 20 after a free split, you should double down (at a cost) versus a 6-up dealer hand. If the dealer has a 5 up card, you should double down (after a free split) with a soft 17 through 19. If your other hands aren’t particularly strong, you shouldn’t double down.

The fact that you have so many more chances to win free money without having to risk a lot of your own is an enormous advantage that can be used in any gambling game. In most games of blackjack, your ability to double down and split your cards will determine whether you win or lose. Nothing will change when you use Free Bet, but your stakes will be lower, and you’ll win more when you get those splits and doubles.

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