How to play Lightning Roulette online: Rules & Strategy

lightning roulette

One of the most popular casino games lightning roulette has been given a new and exciting spin thanks to cutting-edge technology and some smart game design. Playing First-Person Lightning Roulette in virtual reality is a wonderful new twist on the classic game, opening the door to enormous payouts for the lucky winners.

At first sight, Lightning Roulette may seem similar to Evolution Gaming’s other live dealer roulette offerings from its studios. The roulette wheel, the betting table, and the friendly human host.

Role of Lightning Roulette

Play Lightning Roulette at Rummy Nabob and put your bets in the traditional manner, on single numbers, lines, colors, and other bets that add excitement to every spin. When the betting is over and the ball is about to come to a rest, the host will pull a lever to reveal two to five roulette numbers, each with a different multiplier, on the studio wall.

If a straight bet on one of those numbers wins, the bettor’s payout is their original wager plus a multiplier determined at random. These are the factors that can be multiplied:

  • 50x
  • 100x
  • 200x
  • 300x
  • 400x
  • 500x

The betting area also features highlighted Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts, making it easy to assess if you stand a chance of winning. If you played with a Lucky Number, your anticipation will skyrocket since you could win a substantial sum.

Lightning Roulette is an exciting and fast-paced live dealer casino game that features high-quality visuals and audio

Roulette's Chances of Lightning Strike

Lightning Roulette’s Lucky Number and Lucky Payouts feature means the casino is more likely to pay out big bonuses to winners. Straight bet odds must drop because something has to give.

For a straight up win, the typical payout is 35:1. When playing Lightning Roulette, however, the payout is only 30:1. All of those massive Lucky Number rewards are covered by the extra money the casino pockets.

The odds and payouts for all other bets on the Lightning Roulette layout are the same as in regular roulette. The house edge is roughly 2.9 percent, which translates to a $2.90 loss for every $100 wagered. Because of the high degree of volatility, every given session could bring you either a profit or a loss.

lightning roulette

Roulette System that Wins Like Lightning

Given that the outcome of the game is determined only by which slot of the wheel the white ball lands in, luck plays a decisive role. You should bet straight up, though, because the Lucky Numbers are where the real money is. If you don’t, you’ll just be playing roulette with the standard odds and none of the fun.

You can’t utilize the Martingale Strategy or any other typical roulette betting technique because those bets require a 50/50 chance, like red or black or odd or even. Instead, spreading your betting budget across several straight bets is a better technique.

More numbers increase your odds of landing on one of the Lucky Numbers. Then, all you can do is wait for your Lucky Number to be called.

Take Part in Online Lightning Roulette in First-Person Perspective

At Rummy Nabob, you may play a variety of thrilling studio games, like First Person Lightning Roulette. Sign up, make your initial deposit, and get your hands on that fat welcome bonus if you haven’t already. Then, go play Lightning Roulette. Best of luck!

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